Fostering community through artistic

Expression, Exploration,
& Exchange.

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Fostering community through artistic

Expression, Exploration,
& Exchange.

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Creating community vibrancy with exhibitions, performances, programs, concerts, and more!

The Granville Center for the Arts is brimming with imagination, artistic expression, inspiration, and community! Our 501c3 nonprofit organization was founded, built, and is run 100% by volunteers. We've created a space bursting with artistic potential and possibility. Our community gallery, open every Sunday from 1-3:00pm, cultivates creativity and imagination, showcasing exceptional rotating exhibits and events. The gallery doubles as an intimate performance venue, and our artist library, community room, and immersive events offer endless opportunities to collaborate, experiment, and explore.

Our space is a thriving hub of artistic activity and intellectual exchange. We offer a rich and varied tapestry of programs and events, including workshops, artist talks, theatrical performances, concerts, vibrant art clubs, and hands-on art-making experiences. Our offerings are designed to nurture creativity, spark dialogue, and foster community among artists and art lovers alike.

We strive to cultivate a space where everyone is welcome and free to discover and hone their unique creative voice. We believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to enrich lives, and we are committed to making these experiences inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for all. Explore our gallery exhibits/upcoming events and be part of our thriving creative community that celebrates the arts!

Gallery* 2024 Exhibits:
  • Granville Middle School Student Show: Jan 6 - Jan 14
  • Granville High School Student Show: Jan 20 - Jan 28
  • Dillon and Martin Beck: Feb - March
  • Granville School End of Year Show: April
  • Hannah Maltry
  • Emily Morgan
  • Micaela Vivero

*Gallery open every Sunday from 1-3:00pm.

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You seem cool :) Want to help us bring exciting, inclusive, and diverse arts & culture to Granville?

The Granville Center for the Arts, a 501c3 nonprofit, relies entirely on the dedication of our volunteer team and your support. Without government funding or affiliations, we need your help to bring diverse and enriching events and artistic experiences to our community. Your financial support, no matter how small, is crucial to the center's success and our ability to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Granville. By donating, you're investing in the center's future and your and your family's participation and enjoyment of local arts.

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Future GCFA Programming:
  • Community Theatre
  • Podcast and Recording Studio
  • Music Series
  • Micro Art Residencies
  • Student Artist Mentor Program
  • Art Clubs (block printing, writing)
  • Public Art
  • Your idea...

We think you're awesome and we like you a lot!
The Granville Center for the Arts is only possible with generous community support. Help us create a vibrant arts scene in Granville by donating or becoming a volunteer!
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